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Experience Fun

Let’s be honest the most important factor to any event is that you and your party are having as much fun as possible. If you’re not enjoying yourselves and having a good time than we’re not having fun either. So let’s work together to make it as much fun as we can for your party. Because it’s not always just about the music but the experience.


Personalizing your event for you can be the most critical element in choosing a DJ Service. Some DJ’s try to plan the whole event for you, which can lead to unexpected or uncomfortable situations at your gathering. Mankato DJ will customize our performances around three specific areas – the music, the events and the level of interaction from your entertainer. You can have as much or as little control as you wish. Mankato DJ goes to great lengths to learn about the vision you have for the perfect evening. Then we provide it.



-Lighting Options To Enhance Your Event-

Monogram (Gobo) Lighting

A “name in lights” Monogram GOBO projection image or monogram can be added to personalize your elegant modern event even more. GOBO is the nickname for a small custom-made metal or glass plate that “GOes Between Optics” in a spotlight projector. The image usually contains names or initials and can be projected onto the dance floor or other surface at your wedding, party or special event.**There is an additional charge to create a Customized Gobo for your event.


Uplighting brings your wedding to life; your reception venue becomes an inviting entertaining space that will seem to flow in harmony with your flowers, bridesmaid dress and theme with our unique Color Match process. Dresses, your flowers and the room will all work together to create an inviting entertaining space.

We offer up lighting in your colors for your event providing an extra nice touch to enhance the atmosphere of the room.. Many wedding parties like to use this to match their colors in the reception hall, we have sample pictures shown under the wedding menu to give you an idea.



Our Equipment

Mankato DJ uses high quality digital hardware that is essential for great music. Mankato DJ has the power, sound, and lighting effects to get any job done! Our DJs have two computers two mixers, powered speakers, powered subs, wireless microphones, dance floor lighting, and much more.


Dancefloor, party concept with dancing people


Simply put, this is what we strive to ensure that your DJ will be there on time and that the equipment will work. Needless to say, life happens. People get sick, family emergencies occur and equipment can malfunction. These things cannot be predicted, however, we are prepared for them. Mankato DJ staffs DJs, Whom are prepared for any potential pitfall.


Next Steps...

With no obiligation please feel free to fill out our Event Planner to get things started.. We will contact you and start working out plans for your event..