Wedding Music Requests

Our goal is to strive for customer satisfaction. We are not content unless you are 100% happy with our services and production! We will go out of our way to make that special day unforgettable.

We want you to be thrilled with the music at your event.

About How Many Songs Do We Need to Pick Out To Cover Our Wedding Reception?

Expect to be surprised! The average song today is 4 minutes long with many special mixes quite a bit longer. This means that you can count on your DJ playing between 12 – 18 songs per hour. When making your wedding music requests also keep in mind the cocktail, dinner and formality portions of your reception. Actual dancing often lasts only 2 to 2.5 hours or about 30 to 40 dance songs total including slow dance songs. (Note 1 Hour of Music Is Equal to About 18 Songs on Average)

What Wedding Music Will You Play at My Reception

The music selection is totally up to you! Every couple is different; some want the DJ to blend their requests with those of their guests to create a fun danceable reception.  Others want the DJ to stick strictly to music they have requested ahead of time. Either way the choice is yours – your day, your music, just the way you want it.

Pick the Music that’s Important to You from Our Large song Library

We want you to be thrilled with the music selection as well as our performance. It’s your event and we believe the music should reflect the personal style and tastes of you and your guests. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have additional questions regarding your upcoming event. Call 507-380-0799 for additional help and information.

Don’t See A Song You Want?

No Problem! We will try to find it, and of course, if we don’t have it we will get it before your event. We want to play your requests!

How Many Requests Do We Have to Make?

You can make as many or as few as you would like. Most couple simply want to “have a great time” and give simple music direction to the DJ, allowing your friends and family to make requests and the DJ to use his experience in selecting songs that seem to motivate the guests to dance. However, others want to be very specific and direct the entire night’s programming. Whatever you want done, we will work with you to make it happen.

Can Our Family and Friends Make Requests?

If you want us to take requests the day of your reception, we are happy to do so – just let us know! Our huge digital library makes accommodating requests quick and easy.

Can We Have Only "Our Music Chosen" and Not Allow For "Guest Requests"?

Sure, that’s not a problem for us at all. It’s your wedding and we will work with you to ensure it is exactly the way you want it to be.

What If We Think of a Song the Day Before Our Wedding?

Once the music planner has been submitted, your special requests are all downloaded automatically setup before the event. However, if you have last minute song requests, we will try to accommodate your request. This varies according to the venue and our accessibility to the internet.

Our Music Guide

Need help with your wedding and reception music playlist? Looking for song ideas? Then, look no further! From your ceremony to the very last dance, and every formality and activity in between, we have tons of song recommendations and inspiration for your wedding. Have fun and create your own personal wedding soundtrack! Remember your wedding is unique and no song list is perfect for every couple. The best music selection will be one that is meaningful to you, your family, and friends.

Grand Entrance

This is the song that will set the tone for your reception. Playful, fun, romantic, or classic? Most couples are looking to set a party mood, and if that’s your choice, look for a song that carries a big beat and makes people want to move and groove. Alternately, dynamic fun songs can also set a mood to party down, think themes; sports, eras, music genres. They’re all fun, especially if they say something about you as a couple.

Your First Dance

This song should have special meaning for you as a couple. Slow and romantic, easy to dance to are the most popular, but if you want to mix it up and have some fun by incorporating some stylized dance moves that’s fine, too. Just let us know what moves you two most.

Bride and Father

The first decision that you must make is if the song is dedicated to your father, think; “Wind Beneath My Wings” and “Because You Loved Me.” Or is it a song from a father to his daughter, for example; “I Loved Her First or Butterfly Kisses?” Now think about the emotions of the song, what describes your relationship with your father and how comfortable are you both dancing with one another? This could be a surprise, or you could discuss it ahead of time.

Groom and Mother

As with the Bride and Father Dance, your first decision will be to determine to whom the song is dedicated; from Mom to Son? Or Son to Mom? With that decided, consider again the emotion of the song and what best describes the relationship and dance comfort between mother and son.